Website Audits

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is an essential review of your website’s performance and usability. Auditing your website can help you understand if your site is achieving its goals and where you can improve.

Overall Site Health Check

We start our audit off with a site health check. This looks at the architecture and usability of your website and identifies potential gaps in content, technical requirements and website speed. performance.

Website Usability Check

Is your website optimised for maximum usability? Simply having a website does not guarantee results. Your site should be designed with the end user in mind, how do you want them to interact with the site? What do you want the end goal to be? Is your sites navigation geared towards outcomes? These are all questions that should be addressed when completing an audit.

Website Performance Check

A low performing website almost always results in loosing visitors and often results in that negative message getting shared amongst others. Some of the areas we assess are:

  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Page speed
  • Image optimisation
  • Content usability/readability
  • File sizes
  • Link checks
  • Code hygiene

Search Engine Optimisation Health Check

SEO can be a complex and difficult to understand but there are some key elements that every website should ensure they have in place if they hope to climb the user ranks. Performing a SEO

By performing a SEO audit, we’ll be able to help you identify any gaps in your SEO and potential missed. Having this information can help you focus your SEO efforts on your users rather than chasing the illusive ever-changing Google algorithms.

Every website should have a regular check-up. Keeping up to date with your target audience and their needs is vital to the success of your website and its’ objectives.

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Website Audit
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